Common Causes For Hair Fall For Both Men And Woman

hair fall

Hair loss is a common problem for people around the world. Hair loss is a normal process, but you have to worry when you lose a lot of hair, and there is no regrowth again. There are various reasons for hair fall, and also it can be a symptom for some of the health problems in your body. Thus you should consider hair fall as a severe issue and look for remedies. You can read this article to know some of the reasons for hair fall. For more info about hair loss, you can browse various sites on the Internet.
The article below lists some of the common reasons that cause hair fall for both men and woman.

Both mental and physical stress can be the primary reason for massive hair loss. People who have undergone major surgery or recovered from a severe illness may lose their hair. Hair loss can also occur when you’re stressed due to work pressure or family issues. Your hair starts growing again when your body and mind recover from the stress.

If your family members suffer from hair loss problems, then you’re likely to suffer from hair loss. Hair loss is a heredity problem which continues generation after generation. You can treat this type of hair loss with over the counter medicines available in the market.” HairWiz WordPress Blog” can give you additional information on how heredity causes hair fall.

The lack of certain vitamins and proteins in your body can result in hair loss. If you do not intake sufficient quantity of vitamin in your diet, then there are chances for heavy loss of hair. Certain vitamin deficiencies can also cause hair fall. People who are suffering from iron deficiency or those who are anemic face hair fall problem. You have to eat a balanced diet with is rich in proteins and vitamins so that you can get rid of hair loss problems.

Thyroid Problems
Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can result in severe hair fall. The thyroid is a gland which is responsible for the production of growth and metabolic hormones. Thus when the hormone is not performing its part, then there are chances for hair fall. You have to intake medicines for treating thyroid problems. When your thyroid problems return to normal level, then you can witness growth in your hair.

Autoimmune Disorder
This is a health disorder which occurs due to an overactive immune system. Your immune system gets confused and targets your hair as a foreign body. Thus you may face severe hair loss in patches on your scalp. Steroids can help in fighting against this disorder, and you can avoid hair loss.

Weight Loss
When you face sudden weight loss due to particular health problems or due to strict diet programs, then you’re likely to lose excess hair. It takes a long time for your body to recover from weight loss.

Hair loss is a serious issue that should be considered with great care as it can be the cause of various health problems.
The above are some of the symptoms that result in hair loss for both men and woman.

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