Escalate Your Business With Quarterspot


Getting a business loan can be a daunting process if you have a poor credit history, limited cash flow, or even lack of expert advice. If these are preventing you from obtaining a small business loan, click here and learn how you can avoid loan rejections by visiting If nothing else works, trust QuarterSpot to offer you loans at a competitive rate.

Why Choose QuaterSpot?
The reasons are plenty, and there are few of them:
· Poor credit rating
Rather than using the conventional method of evaluating a customer’s credit score, the lending bank will go through the past transactions of the consumer. This is a real-time profit-and-loss statement that will help determine your default risk.
· Zero prepayment fees
You do not have to bear the brunt of paying prepayment fees in case of early payment. Repay the loan if you have sufficient funds at hand without worrying too much about additional costs. Your daily or weekly payments go towards the interest and principal. This actually helps the borrower repay the loan at the earliest.
· Poor credit score
If you have a credit score below the prescribed limit, your loan application will be rejected. This lender has a FICO requirement of 550. One of the biggest advantages is that through a secure login, your past transactions are reviewed and your credit score is evaluated. This is beneficial as it helps the lender assess the strength and reliability of your business.
· Safe and secure
Customer data is protected using 128-bit encryption. All confidential data is hosted in a secured data center to ensure that the highest level of security is available. Do remember that your personal information is safe and out of reach from intruders and hackers.

Money Matters
You can obtain loans starting from $5,000 up to $200,000 for your business. The APR stands at 30 percent to 70 percent, and the loan term is valued at 9,12, or 18 months. If all your documents are in order, and you have a good credit score, your loan amount will be transferred to your bank account in a short span of time.

Applying For The Loan
In order to apply for a personal loan, you need a smartphone or a laptop to access the company website. You can take help from a QuarterSpot specialist to simplify the process. It is recommended that you upload your bank statements for verification.

Once all the requirements are met, you will receive a confirmation email. Go through all the terms and conditions, and once you finish with the digital signature, you will be eligible for the loan. All funds are transferred to your bank account within one business day. This is as simple as click, sign, and go.

In these days of the digital transaction, you do not have to go through the hassles of spending time in long queues or skipping your schedule to apply for the loan. Make sure you have all the necessary documents in the correct order to receive the loan amount.

All About XRP

Ripple can be defined as a real time gross settlement or RTGS system. It is popularly referred to as the Ripple Protocol or the Ripple Transactions Protocol. It has been built using a consensus ledger, a distributed open source internet protocol and a cryptocurrency named XRP or ripples. According to the experts at, ripple offers its users the chance to conduct global transactions instantly and with no chargebacks. The relation between the three major cryptocurrencies namely, Ripple, Bitcoins and Ethereum, can be found at

Since XRP has been created for the Ripple network, it can exist solely within this system only. The XRP can be divided up to six decimal places. The smallest unit of the XRP is called a drop. One million drops is equivalent to one XRP. During the inception of XRP, only a hundred billion XRPs were created. This was done to ensure that remained a scarce resource to increase its value. In order for any user to use a Ripple account, they need to have at least 20 XRP in their account. When Ripple started, it had huge funding of over forty two million dollars as Venture Capital. Plenty of big financial whizzes like Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Santander invested in Ripple. However, more money venture capital will be added soon, since startups require more than one round of funding to reach the finishing line.

Cryptocurrency like XRP and Bitcoins offers no counterparty risk which makes it quite popular among investors. The risk that each party that is a part of the contract does not follow the contractual obligations is known as counterparty risk. It is also referred to as default risk. With cryptocurrency taking away this risk, contracts become stronger.

Although Bitcoin relies on mining, XRP does not work that way. This makes it a far easier way to secure the network and also offers the users a faster transaction confirmation. XRP differs from Bitcoin by being a network for global settlement for other currencies like bitcoin, dollars, pounds, euro and even frequent flyer miles. However, using this particular feature requires the users to pay a fee in Ripples.

XRP is often compared to Bitcoin as another cryptocurrency. However, XRP offers plenty of other features which makes it unique in its own way. It works as a middle person for several kinds of global transactions. It also offers faster transaction confirmations making deals go faster. With each transaction taking less than four seconds, banks are interested in using the speed and the security XRP offers. Since the network has already been implemented in Chinese banks and been able to withstand several kinds of attacks, the rest of the world has started to realize the advantages of shifting to the Ripple network in the near future. With the increasing support of Ripple, it will soon be more than just another cryptocurrency in the world. It has already created a strong foothold and offers a bright future to the users who are smart enough to shift to the Ripple network as soon as possible.